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Executive Coaching

This program is designed to provide senior management with executive support on a part-time or on call basis. As a President and CEO, I understand that executives are required to wear multiple hats and often find it very lonely sitting at the top of an organization. Often times, I wished I had just a few more hours to work on a specific project or mentor a certain individual. Additionally, there are many times I wished I had another resource or sounding board for both critical and non-critical issues.

This executive coaching and support program has been a very popular program and many of our customers have taken advantage of this program for over three years. This is a retainer program where clients have access to me 24/7 365 days via cell phone and e-mail regarding critical issues. As part of this program, I am also on site, at any one of your locations, for a pre-determined amount of hours per month for coaching and projects. Although this is a standard program, because of the partnerships created, there is a great deal of flexibility with this arrangement. It would be impossible to list all the questions I have answered and all the recommendations I made to President and CEO’s. However, I have outlined below all the services that have been provided to clients as part of this program over the past three years.

Sales and Marketing

  • Development of sales and marketing plans.
  • Identification of and analysis of vertical markets.
  • Identification of and analysis of competitive intelligence.
  • Read newsletters, brochures, mailers and Magalogs.
  • Read custom logos.
  • Read new company images and brands.
  • Read both sales management staff and sales staff.
  • Development and execution of lunch & learns, technology breakfasts and company trade shows.
  • Final interviews in hiring of sales staff and sales managers.
  • Read sales staff for clients
  • Development of Creating Memories Events.
  • Performance of cold calls for marketing events.
  • Time management training and coaching.
  • Read a sales strategy.
  • Development and oversight of marketing campaigns.
  • Development of commission plans and incentive plans.
  • Development and oversight of Pilot Programs.
  • Development of sales scripts and sales proposal formats.
  • Event planning.
  • Presentation and public speaking training.
  • Review and analysis of bid documents.
  • Design of trade show exhibits.


  • Read "0" based budgets.
  • Read business plans.
  • The practice of identifying bad business and then identifying good business to replace it.
  • Responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual financial analysis.
  • Read all levels of financial review meetings.
  • Read both financial and operational dashboards.
  • Read methods and processes to increase profitability.

CEO Coaching

  • Strategic Planning
  • Read both employee and client issues.
  • Read resources, including staff alignment.
  • 24/7 365 availability to the management team.
  • Read the screening & hiring of CFO's, branch managers, general managers & administrative staff.
  • The conducting of independent third party monthly phone surveys of clients.
  • Solutions to sensitive and critical situations.
  • Keep management team focused and on track.
  • Development of mission statements, vision statements, and core values statements.
  • Life Coach
  • Participation in steering committees.
  • Read leadership meetings for management teams.


  • Reviewing and recommendation of correct staffing levels.
  • Oversee acquisitions from a customer retention standpoint.
  • Read employees with poor performance.
  • Read branch managers, operation managers, service managers and CFO's.
  • Turnaround of complete cultures.
  • Process improvement at all levels.
  • The restructuring of departments and organizations.
  • Creating effective meetings and meeting protocols.
  • Creation of organization charts and work flow process charts.
  • The streamlining of operational procedures.
  • The conducting of quality surveys of all levels of employees.
  • Interviewing of customers that clients have lost to understand why they left.
  • A variety of team building and communication exercises for company meetings.
  • Read monthly, quarterly and annual meetings.
  • Read new employee orientation programs.
  • Read core training programs.
  • Read performance review procedures and documentation.
  • Read accountability and consequences to organizations.
  • Read on-line internal and external customer surveys.

Project Work

Clients also have engaged IBP on a project basis. These projects are also contained in the Executive Coaching program. IBP can also be hired to perform any of these services on a project basis.

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