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Strategic Partners

Safer Places, Inc.

David Sawyer, CPP

Email :
Phone : 774-230-5531
Website :

Safer Places, Inc. (SPI) is a full service background screening firm providing clients with all the information needed to make well-informed hiring decisions, quickly and easily. Safer Places, Inc. realizes that all company’s needs and budgets are not the same when it comes to their pre-employment screening process. That is why we take the time to listen to each client and develop a background screening solution that best fits their specific needs and budget. Services include Criminal History Searches (across the country and around the globe), Credit Reports, Sex Offender Registry Searches, Social Security Number Verification, Drug Testing, Past Employment Verification and References, Education Verification, and much more.

Safer Places, Inc. continues to invest in technology to make the background screening process exceptionally user-friendly. Our web based system allows clients to securely order reports and retrieve results faster than ever before. Safer Places, Inc. now even offers a completely integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allowing companies to have applicants apply online, pre-qualify them, background check them, and bring them on board - including an electronic Form I-9 and EVP.

Of course technology alone isn’t enough and so we also continually invest in our people. We have the training and experience to help take the mystery out of what can seem like a complicated process. Contact us today and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives answer all of your questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

Judi Piani & the Piani Trait System

Address :
41 Grey Coach Road,
MA 01867.
Phone : 781-670-9095
Fax : 781-670-9242
Facimile : 925-709-3213
Website :

For more than thirty-four years, Judi Piani has been helping businesses of all sizes to build productive teams, enhance the performance of individual employees, and attain corporate goals. Through her Massachusetts –based firm, Piani & Company, she has worked with thousands of executives in client companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to law firms to family businesses. Her perceptive insights and spirited, nonjudgmental coaching—based on her unique system of trait analysis—have proved invaluable to executives at all levels.

Starting with a brief handwriting sample from each member of the team or organization, Judi uses the Piani Trait System to identify each individual’s unique personality traits—the ways in which that person instinctively and habitually behaves. Traits can include thoroughness, ambition, a preference for (or abhorrence of) working under pressure, and much more—Judi has identified a total of twenty-four individual traits that, when recognized and grouped appropriately, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of any organization. Traits are not positive or negative, but the way they “play out” in a particular environment or position can have a positive or negative influence on the organization as a whole.

The Benefits

The Piani Trait System can help all members of your organization to achieve a stronger understanding of how different personality traits interact, and to develop ways to work together more effectively. This approach works on three levels.

Individuals learn:
  • Their areas of strength and weakness
  • How to make best use of their strengths
  • How to compensate for their weaknesses
  • How to make interpersonal relationships pleasant and productive
  • Whom they need to work with, in order to enhance productivity

Teams learn:
  • How to work together more effectively, productively, and enjoyably
  • Which traits they need to seek out when adding new team members in order to achieve desired goals
  • Ways individuals can be positioned within the team in order to enhance their contributions

Organizations learn:
  • How the organization’s culture affects the attainment of corporate goals
  • What changes can enhance the attainment of those goals

Services Offered by Piani & Company

The services provided by Piani & Company can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular organization. Among those that have proved particularly helpful to other executives are these:

  • Screening of potential employees
  • Integrating new team members
  • Identifying the positions that will help to utilize the talents of specific individuals
  • Building teams
  • Improving workplace dynamics
  • Achieving organizational goals

Comments from Clients

“I have used the trait system to evaluate management and prospective employees extensively. It has been, without question, the most effective ‘reference’ that I have used... The amazing thing about the trait system is that it really works. Rarely does an individual take issue or contest the trait evaluation system and virtually all participants are amazed at the accuracy.” - The President and CEO of a mid-sized and rapidly growing company in Massachusetts.

Enterprise Performance Consulting- Executive Overview

Nadim Sawaya

Address :
640 Bailey Road,
Suite 492 Pittsburg,
CA 94565.
Email :
Phone : 877-273-7800
Facimile : 925-709-3213
Website :

EPC Mission

To provide Security Integrators with consulting, training, assessment and measurement services to ensure continuous individual and organizational performance improvement. EPC will support the business needs of organizations by developing the skills, enhancing the knowledge and expanding the performance of all employees.

EPC Services

EPC offers the following suite of services, which have been customized for Security and Systems Professionals:

Business & Management Consulting
  • Strategic and Business Plan Development
  • Company Valuations
  • Process Mapping and Benchmarking
  • Open-Book Management Implementation
  • Sales Compensation Plan Development
  • “Projectized” Organization Development
  • Key Managers Recruitment and Evaluation
  • Management Team Coaching and Mentoring
  • Employees Training Requirement Identification and Implementation
Professional Training
  • Field Management of Security Projects
  • Security Project Management and Follow-Up
  • Sales Proposals and Estimating and Follow-Up
  • Xtreme Project Management
  • Financial Training for Executives
  • Construction Law and Risk Management
  • Security Systems Design and Application
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Managing Individual Performance
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