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IBP Case Studies

IBP Case Study 1


Increase Monthly Parking Revenue


On March 1, 2010, Joseph Clouatre President/CEO of Innovative Business Partners, Inc was asked to coach a group of six garage operation managers with little or no sales experience. The goal was to help them become more comfortable when speaking with potential customers considering monthly parking. Joe scheduled a Sales and Marketing Workshop. The workshop focused on role playing and sales techniques.

Each person was required to create a 30 day personal action plan. A 30 day incentive program was put in place for both individual performance and team performance. Over the next 30 days, Joe coached the team and monitored the program. On May 6th at 5pm the winner of the contest was to be announced. When the time came, there were two individuals tied for first place. Because of the tie, he added three days for a “Playoff” for the two people tied at the top.

On Wed May 12th the team met, the winner was announced and the incentives were handed out.


Additional Monthly Parkers Sold 117
Additional Monthly Revenue Sold $36,477.00
Additional Annual Revenue Sold $437,724.00

IBP Case Study 2


To Improve Customer Service and Stop Customer Complaints


In September of 2008, Joseph E. Clouatre President/CEO of Innovative Business Partners, Inc was hired by a company that was averaging 150 customer complaints per month. IBP completed their eight step process to understand the company and the challenges that it faced. The process included interviewing the management team, employees, current and customers that they had lost.

During the next three months, every employee of the company went through IBP’s Extreme Customer Service ® training program. It was also during this period that IBP helped the management team develop policies and procedures that both empowered employees and benchmarked performance.


  • After three months, the complaints were reduced to zero.
  • For the next three months, the complaints remained at zero.
  • During the second three months, the client received numerous letters and e-mails from
    clients complementing the staff on their Extreme Customer Service®.
  • As a bi-product of this initiative, morale was also greatly improved in the company.
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