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IBP Issue #8

April 19, 2010


The Champions of Extreme Customer Service!


"The Judges"


David Sawyer


Safer Places Inc.


Andrew Terry 

Engineering Manager - Core Products

Dresser Masoneilan


Jeff Rummo

Northeast Sales & Marketing Manager



Terry Clouatre

Vice President

Innovative Business Partners, Inc.


Joe Clouatre

Chief Creativity Officer

Innovative Business Partners, Inc.


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Champions of Extreme Customer Service Contest


Kicking off our Champions of Extreme Customer Service contest for Q2!


Well we have seen the results from the first quarter contests and it was exciting.


The rules are simple. Anyone can recommend anyone. If you see, experience or hear about an example of Extreme Cusotmer Service, let us know about it!


We know there are great customer service people out there like Edy, Steve, Shannon, Alex and Rhoodly.


Help us find them!


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They use them as a constant reminder of how important it is to provide Extreme Customer Service® to both their internal customers (their co-workers) and their external customers (their clients).


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Dear Joseph Clouatre,

I am very excited about this issue! We have dedicated this issue to "Extreme Customer Service(R)". Later on in this newsletter you will see that we selected the winner of our "Champions of Extreme Customer Service(TM)" for the first quarter of 2010.


It was not easy for the five judges, as the stories were all compleling. However, we had to pick a winnerI There will be four winners this year, one from each quarter. From those four, we will select the "Champion" for 2010.


We felt so strongly about some of the other stories, that we decide to include the other four. They are listed below in no particular order.


I would like to thank the judges, Dave Sawyer, Andrew Terry, Jeff Rummo and Terry Clouatre for helping me make this important decision.


In two weeks, we will be back to our standard e-newsletter, where we help educate people around business challenges. Don't forget to check out our resource center on the left side of the newsletter.


Until next time,




Joseph E. Clouatre

Chief Creativity Officer   


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Champion of Extreme Customer Service

First Quarter "Champion" of 2010 

Edy Mungovan - Kohl's



Edy MungovanCashiers at Kohls always ask customers "Did you find everything you are looking for?" Edy was serving a customer and when Edy asked the question, the customer replied "No, you didn't have the tissue holder, but I did find this rug. I've been to Natick and Milford Kohls, now here, but can't find the tissue holder." So, Edy said, "I will be going by Kohls in Leominster and I will see if they have the tissue box. If you want to give me your phone number and if they have one, I will purchase it and call you to meet". On her trip to Leominster, Edy found it and bought it. She then called the customer and arranged to meet her at Kohls in Millbury and the customer was thrilled. The customer was so happy that she wanted to pay Edy more than the tissue holder was worth, but of course Edy would not take it! The customer was on a mission to complete her bathroom accessories. (Edy is pictured above receiving her plaque and cash award from Joe Clouatre of Innovative Business Partners, Inc.)   or


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 Alex Figueroa - VPNE Parking Solutions


On Friday, March 19th, employees and patients in the lobby of Newton-Wellesley Hospital witnessed a special moment when Valet Team Manager, Alex Figueroa, calmly reunited a distraught patient with a very worried family member. The two men became separated when the special needs patient became frightened and did not want to go to his doctor's appointment. Upon hearing the patient's description via our NWH Security Team radio broadcast, Alex realized that the missing patient was with him on the roof of the employee garage. Utilizing his previous experience as a PCA working with autistic children, he was able to calmly approach the patient and assist him back to the hospital.

Working with Alex over the past few years, I have always been impressed with his professionalism and easy-going manner. On this day, he displayed an outstanding mix of leadership, compassion and strength in helping to avert a potentially dangerous situation. 





Steve Barbus - Intelligent Access Systems of NC


Mr. Friedline: 


I am sending this e-mail to inform you that recently we had a Mr. Steve Barbus in our plant working on a turnstile. Before he arrived, another company had made 3 attempts to fix the issue without success. Mr. Barbus was prompt and courteous when he arrived for the service call. He was not completely sure of the internal workings of the turnstile and was open and honest about this which is admirable. Once he examined the issue he was able to quickly determine the issue and a solution for the problem. He then tracked me down and made it a point to show me the issue which increased my knowledge of the problem, and greatly satisfied my previous service issues problems.


When he returned with the correct parts he wasted no time installing them and then before putting everything back together once again tracked me down to show me that the issue was indeed corrected to my liking. He did not leave until my needs were met, and the system was once again back in service for good.


Employees like him who take the time to do a good job are worth bringing to their bosses attention which is why I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.



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Shannon Payne 


New  England Professional Bookeeping

Shannon was enjoying a leisurely breakfast with her husband one Saturday morning when she received a call from one of her clients. The client wanted her to come to her office that afternoon or the next day, Sunday, to assist in preparing financials for upcoming litigation. It was not in her plans to work during the weekend, but the despair was evident in her client's voice. She knew that she needed to provide extreme customer service. She told her client to go out and enjoy the day and not to worry. Shannon then spent the greater part of Sunday at her client's office. Upon completion of the project that Sunday, the appreciative client was wearing a smile on her face.  


Rhoodly Barthelemy - Verizon


A Version customer was having a problem with receiving hang up calls from a restricted number on their cell phone. The person did some research on line and found out that for a few dollars a month they could add a feature that would block the restricted calls. Arriving at the Verizon store, they explained their situation to the customer service representative and the response was that the only thing the customer could do is get a new phone number. Not wanting to change their phone number, the customer asked if there was anything else they could do and the answer was no. Not happy with the answer, the customer said maybe I should cancel the account and go to another company where they could block the number. The Verizon customer service representative then said you cannot take your phone number to another carrier because you are cancelling your contract, plus there is a $150 cancellation fee. Frustrated the customer just left the store.


After shopping at other stores, the customer returned to the Verizon store feeling defeated and realizing the only option to stop these daily nuisance calls was to change their phone number. After waiting in line the customer was waited on by a different customer service representative Rhoodly After the telling the story for a second time, Rhoodly said "We can take care of that with your current phone. You don't need to change your number." He made a call and asked the customer to speak with the main office and explain their situation. He explained to the customer that all they had to do was go on line, select a certain option and they would be all set. He even asked the customer if they wanted him to do it right there in the store for them.


The customer was so happy that they could keep their phone number and block restricted calls that they said that they would do it when they got home. What a difference between the two customer service representatives.



Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. We value your input and suggestions. If there are any topics that you would like covered, just let us know. Please feel free to pass our newsletter along to anyone you feel might enjoy it.


In gratitude,



Joseph E. Clouatre


Innovative Business Partners, Inc.


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