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IBP Issue #4

February 22, 2010


What our Customers have to say!


When asked about lessons learned, these were take-a-ways from a recent "Creative Sales and Marketing „ Workshop:

Creative marketing


Ideas that can be implemented quickly


Made me think about how to measure the numbers

Too many to mention


Planning and implementation

Marketing resources


Customer involvement

Planning 96% and 4%


The value of planning and practicing

Managing the numbers and data


Marketing whenever and wherever

Marketing and creativity


All of the valuable lessons

Planning and implementation


Don't be afraid to spend money and be creative


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What a Great Guy! 

My wife was at the dentist last week and I was in the waiting room. I overheard the dentist speaking with his administative person, who said she was having difficulty collecting money from a patient. 

I have always thought the denist was a nice guy, but what I heard next confimed it. The dentist said "Write it off, they are really nice people". When was the last time you heard that?


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Dear Joseph Clouatre,

I can't believe that is has been two weeks since our last e-newsletter. I wanted to share a story from a Creative Team Building Workshop I conducted last week. I started off by reading one of my favorite stories "Acres of Diamonds".
The story was about a farmer who lived in Africa and through a visitor became tremendously excited about looking for diamonds. Diamonds were already discovered in abundance on the African continent and this farmer got so excited about the idea of millions of dollars worth of diamonds that he sold his farm to head out to the diamond line. He wandered all over the continent, as the years slipped by, constantly searching for diamonds and wealth, which he never found. Eventually he went completely broke and threw himself into a river and drowned.
Meanwhile, the new owner of his farm picked up an unusual looking rock, about the size of a country egg, and put it on his mantle as a sort of curiosity. A visitor stopped by, and in viewing the rock, practically went into terminal convulsions. He told the new owner of the farm that the funny looking rock on his mantle was about the biggest diamond that had ever been found. The new owner of the farm said, "Heck, the whole farm is covered with them" - and sure enough it was.
The farm turned out to be the Kimberly Diamond Mine...the richest the world has ever known. The original farmer was literally standing on "Acres of Diamonds" until he sold his farm.
To teach a brainstorming technique, I then asked the class to state for what or for whom they were thankful in their company. We went from person to person, and if no one had a thought, they could "Pass" until the next round. We continued until everyone passed. I do not know how many times we went around the room, but it took almost 40 minutes. In the end, we had over two pages of things for which they were thankful.
Their organization is no different than most, with too much work spread over too few people and a tremendous amount of stress. However, when they stopped to think about it, they had much to be thankful for! Several people commented on how great this exercise was for them. When was the last time your group sat down to talk about all the things they are thankful for in your organization? Joe  or



Joseph E. Clouatre




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Recently a security integrator was asked for cash from his client to award a contract to him. I found this article from three months ago and thought it was appropriate. It all started with $200.00. In the end the security integrator was convicted before the banking client. The client faces up to 63 years in prison. Navarrete, 45, owner of Integrity Security Solutions, was charged with five counts of bank fraud, five counts of bank bribery and five counts of structuring monetary transactions.

Security director pocketed kickbacks from security systems integrator
Chicago Tribune
Updated: 10-2-2009 12:52 pm  

Oct. 2--A man who once oversaw security for LaSalle Bank pleaded guilty Thursday to pocketing kickbacks to steer millions of dollars in contracts to a suburban security company.
George Konjuch, 56, of Des Plaines pleaded guilty to one count each of bribing a bank official, bank fraud and tax fraud, according to prosecutors. Konjuch, who didn't reach a plea deal with prosecutors, faces up to 63 years in prison when he is sentenced Jan. 13.
Konjuch was charged in 2007 with soliciting $400,000 in kickbacks to steer bank security business to Armando Navarrete, who owned Integrity Security Solutions of Wood Dale. A jury convicted Navarrete this summer.
Konjuch, a former first vice president in charge of security at LaSalle, began pocketing bribes of $200 a month in 2000, but the amount later soared to $44,000 a month, prosecutors said.
Konjuch, 54, of Des Plaines was charged with five counts of bank fraud, five counts of bank bribery and two counts of federal income tax fraud.

Navarrete, 45, of Bloomingdale was charged with five counts of bank fraud, five counts of bank bribery and five counts of structuring monetary transactions.              


How to retain or save valuable employees!

For years I have been saying that companies lose valuable employees that they should not. Most of the time they burn out employees, fail to communicate with them, or do not clearly define their expectations. As a result, communications break down, relationships are lost and the employee either quits or is fired. I often witness this in many companies and over the past two years, I have been asked if I would coach several employees in the danger zone. After a few months of coaching communications were established, expectations were set and the employees were back on track. One person went from terrible to terrific in record time. If you think about the cost savings by saving a valuable employee there is huge return on your investment. You may save recruiting and advertising costs, months of training costs plus you cannot place a price tag on the person's years of experience within the corporation. What if the new hire does not work out and you have to start over? How about the distraction for the owner or manager that has to train and coach the new person? So if we can help you save a valuable employee it is "priceless". Since our first experience in this area we have helped save numerous employees and improved relationships with their managers or employers.  Recently I was working with someone and they said  with a smile on their face, that I was acting like a mediator. Another person mentioned that I was like a counselor. Whatever you call it, we are able to reconnect people and get them back on track!


Selecting an electronic security integrator - the world of warranties!


I received an e-mail last week from someone who receives our newsletter. That person said that they are going out to bid and have been printing each issue of our newsletter to help them with the bidding process. I am glad this is helpful, but I am just touching the surface. I actually conduct a four hour workshop on Selecting and Partnering with an Electronic Security Integrator.  If you are looking for a new electronic security integrator, there are many things to remember. Over the next few issues of the IBP Educator, we will outline many questions to consider. Even when I ran an electronic security company, I continued to select security integrators all over the country for my clients. I continue this practice today, as a service of IBP. 
So let's take a look at the world of warranties. As you travel around the country you will find product warranties ranging from ninety days to five years. Labor warranties will generally range from ninety days to twelve months. There are a few companies that provide a "Lifetime Workmanship Warranty"!

Although the labor warranty can vary, the product warranty should not. Today, many of the manufacturers provide three to five year warranties on their products, but the integrators may only give you a twelve month warranty. They do not always pass along the factory warranty to their customers. So when you ask about pricing, have the integrator provide you with the factory warranty information for each component of the systems. By doing this, you may save thousands of dollars by gaining years of warranty that you might not have otherwise received.
Here is a great question to ask the service provider when it comes to warranties:

When does the warranty begin?


When they issue the purchase order?
 After substantial completion?
Once training is complete?
Once the as-built drawings are delivered?


After all of the above is completed and you have signed off accepting the installation?
How does this affect you?


    It does not affect you right now, but it will affect you in twelve months when something goes wrong.

 If you don't document this correctly, it could cost you thousands of dollars in a year.
You want to have the answers to these questions BEFORE you hire your next integrator.
Next issue we will talk about factory training!!


Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. We value your input and suggestions. If there are any topics that you would like covered, just let us know. Please feel free to pass our newsletter along to anyone you feel might enjoy it.


In gratitude,





Joseph E. Clouatre


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