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IBP Issue #3

February 8, 2010


What our Customer have to say!

 Dear Joe:


I wanted to take a moment and express my sincere thanks for the many, many great things you have accomplished at my company while working with us on numerous programs.


I believe the most successful part of your consulting has been the complete transformation of our culture... Your various programs on "team building" have brought our people together and they work better together and the measurement is in how they have improved in our extreme customer service (with regards to how our staff serves each other and our customers)... Our staff has better direction and clearly understands what is expected of them which has strengthened our staff's willingness to be better team "players".  Without exception, my staff has reported to me that you have been a great source of assistance and helped each of them make positive and lasting change.


James Baker, President

Ultraguard Protective Services






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Dear Joseph Clouatre,

I recently had the opportunity to give my talk "How Cancer Changed My life and My Career" (TM) to the Boston Chapter of ASIS International (  I had a wondeful time and later in this article I will share the great feedback I received via e-mail the next day. But first I want to share a story from an airport shuttle last Monday night:


After being held up in LA for a few days, I finally arrived home late Monday night and was on the shuttle from the airport. The shuttle was full and I could tell several people were coming home from vacation. I overheard a couple at the other end of the shuttle bus saying they had just celebrated the husband's 50th birthday in the Florida Keys.


Being the shy person that I am, I poked my head out and said "Have you scheduled your colonoscopy yet?" How to bring life to the party! His wife then said that she has been trying to get him to do so but he wouldn't. I then went on to tell him (as well as everyone else on the shuttle) my colon cancer story when I turned 50. His wife looked at him and said now you have met someone that was 50 and found cancer with a colonoscopy. He looked at his wife and said please schedule a visit to the doctor for me. As they were leaving the bus his wife leaned over and thanked me for sharing the story. She went on to say quiety, that she had been bleeding and had not told her husband. She was going to schedule one for herself as well. All of a sudden, I realized there was a reason I had become stranded in LA. It was meant for me to meet this very nice couple.


So here is the feedback I promised you and if you ever have a group that is looking for a speaker, it is an interesting subject with a humerous twist!

You were wonderful; inspirational and very real.  I think your true message was a critical one and resonated with many. 
·         Thank you!  I thought your presentation was wonderful and gave everyone great inspiration to reflect upon.
·         I enjoyed listening to your story and agree with you that it's important to do the "homework" especially when it comes to one's life because after all we only have one of those!
·         You were outstanding last night. Funny and motivating.  What a story!
·         I did so enjoy your talk.  Your advice is so needed. Your advice to be educated on it is so needed.  Unless you have experienced an issue, you would not know this. You are doing a great service!
·         Your talk was great and very thought provoking.  
·         I thoroughly enjoyed your captivating and heartfelt presentation.
·          Your presentation was great
·         It was a very special evening and your speech was superb!
·         Joe is fascinating; he really should write a book!!!



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I haven't tried it yet, but some friends have and said it was great!


  Extreme Customer Service® is Still Effective in this Economy!

 I am often asked if customer service is still valued in the current economy. My response is an overwhelming yes! However the game as changed a little. Prior to the "crash", you would go into to a potential customer to understand their pain and provide a solution to eliminate it. Today, I find that there are many customers that are willing to tolerate some pain or at least a little discomfort, to save some money.  Having said that, let me give you an example of how Extreme Customer Service®  can have a dramatic impact on any organization.                          


Last year a company was struggling with customer retention relating to quality customer service. This company was receiving so many complaints per week that they had stopped calling the customers back. I met with the owner and executive team and they asked me what I could do to help. After I went through my eight step process, I came back to them and said that it would require a complete culture change from the top down. Our journey lasted ten months but the impact was dramatic. When I finished up, we had gone two months without a single customer complaint and client retention had improved tremendously. Unfortunately during the process we had to replace several members of the management team, because they were the roadblock to delivering Extreme Customer Service®.

The past twelve months have been extremely busy in the area of Extreme Customer Service ® seminars and workshops up and down the east coast. There is a thirst for this type of education, particularly in the Healthcare Industry. Our seminars range from one hour introductory seminars, to four hour workshops, to comprehensive roll out programs. With today's economy you cannot afford to lose just one customer. What worked yesterday, will not work tomorrow! Today you have to be creative and must be in touch with your customer's needs and expectations. For over a year now, I have been saying that you need  to understand your customer's business and understand how the economy is affecting THEIR business.  It is only then that you will be able to become their strategic partner for success.  Please e-mail us your thoughts on Extreme Cusomter Service (R).


The key to providing Extreme Customer Service® is to clearly determine the expectations of your customer, then exceed those expectations. Extreme Customer Service is a PRO-ACTIVE process!





 If you are looking for a new electronic security integrator, there are many things to remember. Over the next few issues of the IBP Educator, we will outline many questions to consider. Even when I ran an elctronic security company, I continued to select security integrators all over the country for my clients. I continue this practice today as a service of IBP.  When it come to checking references it takes patience and determination. However, when done right, it is worth it's weight in gold!


1. When you ask for the contact information of references, make sure you ask for the person's e-mail address. Today it can be much easier to communicate via e-mail than play telephone tag.


2.Here area few questions to ask each reference:

   a. Did they start the project on time?

   b. Did they finish on time?

   c. Were there many change orders?

   d. Was it done right the first time?

   e. Did they deliver what they promised?

   f. How was their training?

   g. How long to did it take to get manuals and as-built drawings?

   h. Were the technicians and sales staff knowledgable?

   i.  What could they have done better?

   j.  If something has gone wrong, how have they responded?

   k. How are their communications?

   l.  What is their average response time on service calls?

   m. Do they have enough and the correct loaner equipment?


3. You should arrange for at least two visits to references:

   a. Look behind the security console for quality of work.

   b. Look at a few cable runs for quality of work.

   c. Look in the data closet for quality of work.

   d. Look in the access panels for quality of work.

   e. Does what you observe make a quality statement?


4. Tyes of references:

   a. Ask them for at least three recent installations.

   b. Ask them for at least three that they have lost.

   c. Ask them for at least two where the projects went bad.

   d. Ask them for at least two that are in progress.

You want to have the answers to these questions BEFORE you hire your next integrator.
Next issue we will talk about the world of warranties!!


Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. We value your input and suggestions. If there are any topics that you would like covered, just let us know. Please feel free to pass our newsletter along to anyone you feel might enjoy it.


In gratitude,





Joseph E. Clouatre


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