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IBP Issue #1

January 11, 2010


The Champions of Extreme Customer Service(R) Award Program

In 2010, IBP is introducing an exciting recognition program around one of its cornerstone workshops, Extreme Customer Service®. We are looking for people to submit their stories of Extreme Customer Service ®. Each quarter a panel of customer service professionals will select one story that symbolizes An Extreme Customer Service Champion™! That person will receive an award of $200.00 and both the person and their company will be recognized on the IBP website and other IBP publications. Anyone is eligible, so when you are blown away by an example of customer service, submit the person's name and story to Whether it is an employee, a co-worker, a friend, a customer or someone providing you with great customer service, get their name and story into IBP. At the end of the year, the panel will select one story as the 2010 Champion and that person will receive $500.00!



What Our Customers Have To Say!

"Joe is an invaluable resource to us at VPNE. Joe is a member of our Executive Team, a Strategic Partner as well as an Advisor and Coach. Joe's expertise has added significant value with our business development, process improvement, budgeting/cost analysis, team building, training and overall strategy." January 6, 2010 

Kevin J. Leary President/COO

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Selecting A Security Integrator

 If you are looking for a new electronic security integrator, there are many things to remember. Over the next few issues of the IBP Educator, we will outline many questions to consider. Often when you go out to bid you receive nice proposals and they will detail the project with the associated costs for THAT PROJECT only! However, most times you are looking for a long term relationship, so there are many additional questions to ask BEFORE you sign on the dotted line so there are no surprises after the sale:
1.    What are the installation rates per hour?
2.    What are the service rates per hour?
3.    What are the travels cost per hour?
4.    Are you billed for travel one way or both ways?
5.    Are travel rates the same as when a technician is on site?
6.    What will be the average response time on service calls?
7.    What are the after hour emergency service rates?
8.    Are after hour emergency service calls covered when the system is under warranty?
9.    Do you receive a discounted rate for service work outside the service contract?
10.  Are there a minimum amount of hours billed for emergency service and does that include travel cost?


You want to have the answers to these questions BEFORE you hire your next integrator.


Next issue we will talk about service contracts!


Dear Joseph Clouatre,

I can't believe that it is 2010 already. For Terry and I it will mark our 30th wedding aniversary!  We are very excited and are working on our plans to celebrate in April. It will not be a big event, just some friends and family which is what life is all about. Do you know that we were married on the 25th of the month, which was payday? It was important because I was only paid once a month and we needed the cash, for our honeymoon. How I remember those days!It was a small wedding, again with just family and a few friends. Although, we have watched three decades pass, it seems like it was just yesterday. We still laugh and chase each other around, although I am a few steps slower these days and don't actually catch her as often.  I thought you might like to see a picture of Terry and I from "Then and Now"

Joe and Terry  Terry and Joe Recent


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Are you thinking about selling your company!

 Recently I became a founding member of the Advisory Network for the "Successful Transition Planning Institute".What if selling your business or leaving your company was your "second act" versus your finale? The prelude to an encore performance you get to discover? And what if you haven't actualized your full potential yet? The possibilities are exciting, but there's also no question that all the options can be overwhelming. The solutions don't have to be. Whether you're a Business Owner, Senior Executive or Professional Practitioner, the Successful Transition Planning Institute offers tools, information and guidance on the business transition process to help you make the right decisions for your future and the future of your business. Using proven, proprietary methodology and a network of professional advisors, we provide peace-of-mind with easy to use transition planning strategies to help you create a plan that not only supports your vision for the future, but also feeds the all-important emotional need for meaning and purpose that we all desire. So if you have a minute, check out
Welcome to the Platinum Years® - the best 10-20-30 years of your life between leaving a company and the golden years.


Extreme Customer Service(R) is a  

 PRO-ACTIVE process!

I recently introduced the 2010 version of my Extreme Customer Service® workshops. One of the areas we talk about is the fact that providing Extreme Customer Service® is a PRO-ACTIVE process. You not only know when you are providing Extreme Customer Service® but you will be able to predict the outcome! It doesn't matter the industry you are in or what geographic area of the country that you reside, if you are in the service industry, this works. It is not just doing a good job, there is a process involved. If you analyze situations of true Extreme Customer Service®, the person providing the service knew exactly what they were doing and could predict the results. Let's compare two situations:

1.    It is in the dead of winter and you are visiting a hotel. It is snowing and you decide to use the valet service that they offer. It is the morning of checkout and you bring your bags down and hand your ticket stub to the valet attendant, who retrieves your cold car and helps you with your bags. The attendant is polite and you enjoy your brief conversation. This is exactly what you expected, your expectations were met and the valet did a good job. However this is not an example of Extreme Customer Service®. This was an example of good customer service.

2.    The same scenario as above, however, when you came down for breakfast the concierge said good morning and after small talk, asked what time you were checking out. You reply about 9:30am and head to breakfast without further conversation. When you come down to check out, you go over to the valet desk and hand them your stub. The valet smiles at you and says that your car is already and in fact it is warmed up outside waiting for you. It seemed there was a light snow the night before and after a heads up from the concierge, they cleaned off the car and had it running and waiting. You walk over to the concierge with a big smile and a thank you because they exceeded your expectations. This was Extreme Customer Service® because it blew away my expectations!
The reason that I consider this proactive, is that the concierge asked ME (yes this happened to me) a question and knew what he was going to do, but did NOT tell me. He wanted it to be a surprise and he wanted to exceed my expectations, which he did. Because he knew what my expectations were, he could create a situation where, he knew he was going to exceed them and he could predict what the results were going to be!

The key to providing Extreme Customer Service® is to clearly determine the expectations of your customer, then exceed those expectations. Extreme Customer Service is a PRO-ACTIVE process!



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