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Follow Your Dreams

"How Cancer Changed My Life and My Career"™

This is a one hour motivational presentation with a humorous twist. It will allow you to follow Joe on a journey from cancer diagnosis, through self reflection and on to the creation of a new company. Learn how important it is to get not only a second opinion but sometimes a third if needed and see how it can be a matter of life and death. Self reflection is a time to understand what is really important in life and how to evaluate your priorities. Finally, learn how to identify your true passions and build a company based on those passions, your strengths and your experience.

Joe will show you how he survived cancer and took his more than 30 years of experience and created Innovative Business Partners Inc. Here is what attendees have had to say.

  • You were wonderful; inspirational and very real. I think your true message was a critical one and resonated with many.
  • Thank you! I thought your presentation was wonderful and gave everyone great inspiration to reflect upon.
  • I enjoyed listening to your story and agree with you that it's important to do the "homework" especially when it comes to one's life because after all we only have one of those!
  • You were outstanding last night. Funny and motivating. What a story!
  • I did so enjoy your talk. Your advice is so needed. Your advice to be educated on it is so needed. Unless you have experienced an issue, you would not know this. You are doing a great service!
  • Your talk was great and very thought provoking.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your captivating and heartfelt presentation.
  • Your presentation was great
  • It was a very special evening and your speech was superb!
  • Joe is fascinating; he really should write a book!!!
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